100 Words on Love: Most of What We Talk About is Baseball

100 Words on Love, Henry Cherry, baseball, love of baseball, Good Men Project

That was the last time I ever tried scoring a game. But he kept bringing me.

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5 Things About Women That Make Men Fall (In Love)


The sometimes smart men at The Good Men Project share advice. Today, one of those guys dishes on the wonderful things about women that drive men crazy. In a good way.

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Take Everything You Know About Mother-Son Wedding Dances and Throw It Out The Window

Mother and Son Dance

Blake Bunker and his mom bust out a hilarious and unexpected dance at his wedding.

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This Video “My Beautiful Woman” Touched My Heart. Strongly.

My beautiful woman

Short film made in Thailand for a lingerie company talks about love and reminds us of everyday heroes who we might misjudge. Beautiful.

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Final Words Sutured Into Dead Men’s Mugshots


Check out the stunning visual story of death row prisoners’ last words.

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The One Question You Should Never Have to Ask While on a Date

date night two glasses of wine with paper hearts on stem. Valentine's Day

Jeffery Platts knows that when dating, if you want to order love and sex, you gotta put them on the menu.

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6 Tips For Divorced Dads and Sons

divorced dads

Divorced with kids? Graham Scott has been there. He has some good words for you.

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The Secret Strength of Good (Gay) Men


How are you defined as a man? For Eirik Rogers, being gay has defined him in a world of good men – but even more, it has defined him outside that world.

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NameTag Will Let Someone Take A Picture of You, Scan It Against A Database, and Give Them Your Personal Information.


How one tech start-up is jumping the shark on Internet privacy.

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One Man Saved More Than 600 Kids, Never Saw Them Again, Until This.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.34.38 AM

This man saved more than 600 kids from Nazi death camps, and their reunion will probably inspire you, and make you cry.

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The Boy I Was, The Man it Makes Me

Scott Sonnon child adult

Scott Sonnon has a mission to speak out for all of what he has seen.

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There is Life. And There is How we Report it on Facebook

Life on Facebook

Another sad moment turned into a fake nice online souvenir.

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A Father’s Love & His Inspirational Napkins

1-napkin notes

Diagnosed with cancer, W. Garth Callaghan is leaving a legacy of inspiration and love to his daughter.

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6 Types of Conspiracy Theories They Don’t Want You To Know About


Revealed! Six things They don’t want you to know!

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THE END IS NIGH: 13 Reasons Why Click-Bait Headlines Will Lead to the Apocalypse


If Andy Rooney were alive today, he’d spend “a few minutes” complaining about click-bait.

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Would You Treat Justin Bieber the Way We Treat Richard Sherman?

crop bieber sherman

I think this picture says it all.

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