“#5: I want my son to be faithful to his spouse someday.”

This is a comment by Jason Green on the post “31 Reasons Why Men Don’t Cheat“.

Jason Greene said:

“There are many reasons why I don’t cheat.
1. I stood before my friends, family, God, and my wife and made a vow to her. I took the vow seriously.
2. I love my wife and hate seeing her upset.
3. My wife is beautiful.
4. It is my job as a parent to teach my children how to respect women. Cheating would be very disrespectful.
5. I want my son to be faithful to his spouse someday. I’m an example.
6. I want my daughter to be faithful to her spouse someday. I’m an example.
7. The guilt would kill me.
8. I’ve got a great life and I don’t want it to change.” 

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