“As a parent, the thought of our kids flashing other people stops our heart in fear.”

As a parent the moments we are out of control can be the scariest. This is why conversations about our bodies are important ones to have with our kids so that in those moments they make their choices out of healthy reasons, not out of pressure or feelings of inadequacy.

This is a comment by Andrew Pollon on the post “I Won’t Teach My Daughter It’s Wrong to Flash Her Boobs“.

Andrew Pollon said:

This is not the article I expected from the title. This is a really brave and powerfully piece and I applaud you , Shannon, for this. In fact, I’m stealing it for my five year old daughter. I think universally as a parent, the though of our little girl flashing, or little boy pulling out his penis stops the heart in fear. Yet, the way you are having this conversation and wrote this piece, in my opinion, is spot on. Thank you.

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  1. The major problem is society’s attitudes to sex n nudity. Flashing someone isn’t the major problem, it’s how that person is raised to be offended or not by it. The problems of slut-shaming, blackmail, repressed sexuality, etc all affect it. Flashing on webcam has become a modern version of playing doctor, kids learning about their bodies n others. As a teen I did it, I saw others do it and the act itself isn’t harmful but how others treat it such as if it’s recorded n spread, bullying etc that sometimes follows. That’s the scary part. Why is society so fucked that reputations can be harmed because someone flashed? That is a really sad outlook of society.

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