“As long as I can remember there has been a dark cave which I return to sooner or later.”

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  1. wet_suit_one says:

    Ah yes. Good ‘ol depression. It’s a fine friend in my view. Been with me since I was 12 or so. Only recently learned that suicidal ideation is not normal (fascinating that isn’t it?) and met my drug dealer (one of my most important relationships) as a result of it (note, legal mind altering chemicals only of course, but drug dealers all the same).

    It was an interesting day when I finally saw that my mind was broken, very much like a broken arm. Things have been better since. Still though, from time to time, dipping back into the cave has been a slice. It’s an interesting place to be and wrestling with death, mano a mano has been enlightening. So far I’ve won every match-up, but it’s been touch and go at times.

    Living life on the edge! Ain’t it grand?

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