“Can Women rape men? Most people think that they can’t.”

Male Abuse

This comment by Archy on the post Male Rape Survivors and Victim Blaming

Oh really? in a one year period 40% of rapists were female as per the CDC statistics. The majority of rape men face is perpetrated by female perpetrators. You can find this info if you look in the CDC NISVS 2010 full report, however they call “forced to penetrate” as other sexual violence and not rape (a stupid bias).

Just because the justice department (well known to be biased against men) doesn’t get many female sex offenders doesn’t mean they exist, a lot do not report their abuse. In a one year period equal numbers of men n women were raped, 40% of those rapists were female, and you want to say it’s rare?

Read the statistics and you might realize the truth is very different to what you say, there is a huge difference between reported abuse and those charged for the crime. Society still doesn’t understand on the whole that women can rape men, pretty much everyone I talk to thinks women can’t rape men.


Food for Thought:

Rape is rape. Sexual act without consent or ability to consent is rape and the fact that the victim’s body, male of female, seems to sometimes respond does not make it less of a rape!


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  1. ogwriter says:

    This is but the calm before the eventual storm. The list of victims raped by women naturally includes women.It is also a fact that rape occurs across all known sexual orientations.Added all together rape is widespread in American culture.

  2. Tsach Gilboa says:

    Rape and abuse are about power and control. It is not necessarily gender based. Although males tend to be more aggressive and violent, women can and do abuse and rape. Time to treat all victims with understanding and support and help them all, female and male, heal and live as normal a life as possible.

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