“Depression rolls in like fog regardless of the situation. Every day is like a battle.”

These are comments by Osnat, Jen, and Scott on the post “Darkness Falling“.

Osnat said:

As someone who suffers from chronic, clinical depression, thank you for writing this post and helping to show people things that are normally swept under the carpet and shouldn’t be.

Jen said:

It wasn’t until I was 34 that I really started to deal with my depression, that had been with me most of my life. It is still a battle and it is far from gone but I am more aware than ever before of my feelings.

Scott said:

Wow, it was like I wrote it myself. I don’t think most people understand what this feels like. I am almost a mirror image of the article. Somedays it is all I can do to move forward in any positive direction. I too struggled with drinking (conquered it) and went through a divorce. The now distance between me and my children compounds the depression, as I don’t feel like anything more than the biological donor of three beautiful and magnificent kids.

I miss them so much everyday, and I feel like such a failure when I can’t be there to help them with school, or life, or whatever. Or even share all the beautiful small moments (good and bad) in life that people blissfully seem to ignore. It is not in the cards that I can be any closer geographically to them right now as finances are tight. He is spot on about depression rolling in like a fog regardless of the situation. Every day is like a battle anymore, I do what I can to win the war, but it is never ending.  

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