“Don’t ‘ravish us’ because you read it in an online magazine, let us see your true sexuality.”

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Easy enough to say in general. Let’s hear from the guys who weren’t cute enough to carry it off.

  2. wellokaythen says:

    At least, you think what you’ve seen so far is who we really are. Is it also possible that the man you love just the way he is may have been putting on an act in the first place?

    Many men feel compelled to be different from their true selves in order to attract women in the first place. (As many women do when they want to attract a man.) I wonder where those women are who want a man to be exactly himself, without polish or strategy, on the first date. They do exist, but how common are they?

  3. “Dont ravish us unless youre tall, handsome, have a great body, charm and social significance”

    Women set different sexual boundaries with different men based on how attractive they are.
    For rough sex and submission, women require attractive, masculine and dominant men.

    • Mr Supertypo says:

      well to be fair everybody set sexual bounduaries, at least most of us.

    • One person’s definition of “ravish” is another person’s “yawn, this again?” So when I think “ravish” I’m thinking full on BDSM domination where I’m covered in welts and bruises. I don’t think most women or people in general are into that so I will let the more vanilla people speak for themselves. In that regard, my best experience of being “ravished” was with someone over 60 who was not masculine, not fit, not attractive in a conventional way, but is the best sex I’ve ever had.

      I noticed people’s sexual preferences, how they view sexuality, and what they like varies but also where they live is a big factor. In Los Angeles, where I’m originally from, it was very easy to find people who were schooled in the sex I enjoy but in Bangkok, where sex toys are illegal but prostitution isn’t as long as you pay the police and mafia enough baht, people are pretty boring in bed even though all the guys I’ve slept with here have been very hot with chiseled physiques…the lack of mental stimulation and vanilla attitude towards sex makes me yawn. I need a ticket back home for a spell just to get laid properly!

      But in the spirit of the original comment, certainly be yourself no matter what you look like. If you need to lie and pretend to be someone you aren’t just to get laid, then how can you really enjoy sex fully? It’s like covering yourself with a plastic bag and just getting off to having a person there but not really feeling them.

  4. An ordinary guy simply isnt adequate for rough sex and dominating a woman in bed. He simply will turn her off.

  5. Mr Supertypo says:

    ““Show up, which is to say, many of us love having you guys around and we are especially thrilled when you are authentic. Don’t ‘ravish us’ because you read it in an online magazine, let us see your true sexuality. Don’t make an emotional display to give us permission to be something—just be who you are.”

    yeah yeah, here we go with the ‘ be yourself ‘ hype over and over again. *rolleyes*

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