“Had an espresso…it was like never having done drugs and then jumping right to speedballing.”

This comment was from Mark St. Amant on the post “Do You Remember Your First Time” by Jamie Reidy

I didn’t drink a single drop of coffee until I was almost 34. Not even coffee ice cream. Hell, not even mocha chip ice cream (which was hard to avoid, growing up practically right next door to a Brigham’s). Then I moved to Italy. Had an espresso on my very first day, in the Florence train station — which, to your “candy cigarette-to-unfiltered Camel” point, was like never having done drugs and then jumping right to speedballing . . . in a train station — and I’ve inhaled some form of coffee every single day in the ten years since. It’ll eventually kill me, but I don’t care. Much worse ways to go. Impalement on something, for one. Thanks for the fun reminder of when/how I popped my own cafe cherry.


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