“He did what society tells men they should aspire to: fast cars, sexy ladies, fist fights.”

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  1. Nikki…”to the victor go the spoils…” This ethos is ancient and did not originate as an American ideal exclusively.Whoever won the fight got all the benefits of power;got to exert their will. Our presidential electoral system is based, partially, on this ideal.Commercials don’t create values,they embellish and reflect them. A big house,nice car etc,-the trapping of power- can buy one a trophy wife.

    • Yes, but it only works on those who buy into that ideal, which they learn from what they see emulated around them. I DO think they get it from TV/media. It’s about all people do see anymore. I think if people stopped watching all the stupid media, they would normalize to something more real and humane; instead of treating the prom queen like she is just some stupid bitch to be used, he might instead see her as the sister of a friend whom he would NEVER treat in such a disrespectful manner. Yes, it IS about what we think about and that is based upon what we see and hear around us. Turn off your TV, before it’s too late!

      • FlyingKal says:

        People have been buying into that deal for millennias before TV/media/commercials were thought of, for almost every culture or “civilization” known to humankind throughout history. (And for the ones that didn’t buy into , there’s probably a reason they aren’t known in history…)

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