“He was born a wisdom man and became a great story teller.”

This comment is from Stephanie Potter on “Wisdom from an Aboriginal Male

Loving all whisperers, Banjo’s story has me fascinated. This is what I found at Namipedia:

“Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson was a poet who wrote the lyrics to the song “Waltzing Matilda” which is the unofficial national song of Australia. He also wrote The Man from Snowy River, a long poem on which the movie is based and is considered Australia’s first poet. Banjo Paterson’s image also appears on the AUD (Australian Dollar) $10 note.

Banjo Clarke was a great Australian Aboriginal Activist who with Eddie Marbo were the fathers of the Aboriginal Land Rights movement which gave back millions of acres in the 1970′s and since to be governed by their original indiginous custodians. He was born a wisdom man and became a great story teller. Through telling the history of the Aboriginals, shining a light on the terrible way they were treated by whites, and sharing his life story, Banjo Clarke opens a book of world history and life lessons to his readers.”

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