“I am not wearing yoga pants to oppress your sexuality or tempt you into sin.”

Julie Gillis says that her choice of pants are her choice, and hers alone, and that the uptick in these stretchy, wonderful pants in culture is not even about anyone but the wearers. It’s about comfort, happiness, and health.

This is a comment by Julie Gillis on the post “Yoga Pants Nation“.

Julie Gillis said:

“But baggy sweatpants are also comfortable, so I can only assume there’s more to it. There is an implicit game here—the age-old tease where women flaunt and men look.”

Men and women both seem to manage just fine in countries where skin is revealed and sensuality is welcomed. There is nothing about me wearing yoga pants (or anyone) that is about teasing men. That’s like saying if an ankle is revealed from a Victorian garb, the woman is a hussy. Good lord.

If I enjoy how I look in yoga pants and you also enjoy it, there is no problem. But I am not wearing yoga pants to oppress your sexuality or tempt you into sin. You, the general you, are not much on my mind. When I dress to seduce, I do not tend to choose yoga pants. I wear yoga pants because they increase my feelings of flexibility and health and dance and that makes me happy. If that happiness translates into your admiration, ok. But it’s not my goal.

Sweatpants are not comfortable in yoga class.

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  2. wellokaythen says:

    It rarely if ever crosses my mind to analyze a woman’s motivations for wearing something that I notice. In some ways, it makes no real difference to me. I never tell myself, “she wants to be looked at, just look how she dresses.” I never tell myself, “don’t look, because she didn’t wear that in order to get your attention.” My glance is my own no matter what the original intent of the other person is.

    I’ve never felt a need to justify looking by telling myself the person wants to be looked at or doesn’t mind being looked at or anything like that. I have my own individual sovereignty to turn my eyes wherever I want to, so I see no need to rationalize it by assigning motivations. I’ve never assumed that a stranger dresses in a way that I like just because I like it. I just enjoy what I enjoy.

    Some of the most wondeful things in life are unintended consequences. : – )

    • Well said.

      • wellokaythen says:

        You *think* you aren’t wearing yoga pants to tempt a man into sinful thoughts. That’s what every unwitting agent of Satan tells herself. See how devious Satan is? : – )

        See how crazy the article sounds when you trace the logic back to its religious roots? Replace “Satan” with “the unconscious influence of patriarchy” and it looks awfully damn similar.

        • Hahahahaha! Yes! But then, given that I produce a sex positive performance and reading series and promote sex ed in schools, I suspect I’m pretty “witting.” I’m not sure I understand the connection with patriarchy and Satan unless you are connecting them? Or are you saying feminism is taking the role of puritanical thought? Which is possible, but not with the sex positive pleasure positive feminists I identify with.

          • Hi don’t know you and you don’t know me, but you may want to read an article about you (your type mostly) at the feminisnt blog. I also realize women don’t wear yoga pants for men, but for other women since you’re all in perpetual competition with each other (for whatever reason). Btw the dude is right about replacing Satan with the patriarchy, pretty much says it all about modern religo-feminism. See ya in the internetz.

  3. I work for a public library and see numerous women wearing yoga pants to storytimes with their kids every week, in addition to the weekends when families are out running errands and whatnot. I’m not going to lie: I do glance and can appreciate the attractiveness of the female form in said yoga pants but I don’t oggle or stare. That’s just plain rude, disrespectful and, honestly, damn creepy. I see the yoga pants for what they are – comfortable and, in the grand scheme of life, who really cares? If someone is so offended at a woman wearing yoga pants out in public, the problem is theirs and theirs alone.

  4. That’s fine. Don’t be mad if I stare at you though. Staring at a beautiful sculpture is a lot more appealing than staring at the ground.


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