“When the assumption of predatory behavior and my own contempt for my sexuality was removed, I discovered that I was absolutely, wildly, in love with the male body.”

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  1. Alyssa Royse says:

    This blows me away and touches me to my core. This is probably better than the article I wrote, even though it is “just” a comment on it. Beautiful, and right on. Thank you so much. Yes, I had to learn that it was okay to love the male body, but oh, once I did……

  2. Danielle Kail says:

    I feel like you said what I was thinking and never could express. Thank you.

  3. sugarmine says:

    This comment rang so true to my experience. I feel like you’ve put into words something I could never explain and made me feel so much less strange for having taken such a roundabout route into heterosexuality. Thank you.

  4. OirishM says:

    That is a great tagline.

    Yes, removing the assumption of predation is good for everyone. We do not do it to other groups for the most part either, so removing it from men would be consistent as well.

  5. AnthonyZarat says:

    Eye opening comment, thanks.

  6. I’m still scared of some women breaking my dick…

    …I don’t think it’s wrong to pattern styles of movement that may be more “predatory” and move away from those people… (a person afraid to stand out and is afraid of social pressure is probably more predatory than one who is at least occasionally able to remove their filters)

    …although I will warn it is probably the most difficult thing to do in existence that I’ve found, and it’s never a perfect system unless you always strive to improve your detection method, as people will catch up their ability to hide their intentions to your ability to read their intentions…

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