“I hope to never have anyone…being kept alive…on physical terms and against the will…previously shared”

into the light

A serene death floating into a warm comforting white light, what we all hope for

This comment by Brian on the post A Peaceful Dignifies Exit, and to All a Good Death

This is an incredibly complex issue with many individual rights on each side of the argument (miracles do happen but I for one do not want to be relying on that). I hope to never have anyone in the position of being kept alive purely on physical terms and against the will they’ve previously shared. It’s weird that many people who are anti government in our lives are also the ones who fight the hardest in regard to creating laws that literally go against the will of the individual. Excellent thought provoking post Tsach.


Let’s Start a Conversation:

Do we have a right, as intelligent humans, to a dignified and peaceful death? If so, under what circumstances and following what process?


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  1. Tsach Gilboa says:

    Great job distilling the issue to its fundamental and basic core. Humans have the right to a dignified, peaceful good death on their own terms.

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