“I knew my wife was the one the first time she showed me that she had my back.”

These are comments by Bruce and Paul Kidwell on the post “She’s the One“.

Bruce says:

“I met my wife the second day of college. We were riding across the country to Utah for a wilderness preterm program and I got put in a van with her ‘patrol.’ On the next day I volunteered to ride in her van, and when we got to Utah I kissed her on the way back from brushing our teeth, because I was not sure I would see her for the next three weeks. I did, almost every day. On our three-day solo experience it snowed 16 inches.

“I dreamed I was home in NJ, in the backyard, at a family picnic, with all the fresh food that you can’t carry on a backpacking trip. Fresh corn, fresh home grown tomatoes, etc. And my future wife was there too! I haven’t looked back since I woke up from that dream, 39 years ago. Today is our 31st wedding anniversary. How did I know—we both did. It was electric. She was sophisticated and worldly in a way I was not, but down to earth and loved the outdoors the way I did.”

Paul Kidwell added:

“The first time she showed me that she had my back. I think all people/partners are best measured during those times when things do not go according to plan and you find yourself adrift. For me, I had been downsized and out of a job due to an M&A—second time in 3 years—and left mostly dazed and confused. My wife is the one who suggested to look at myself for the ‘next big thing’ in my career. Almost twelve years ago I ceased relying on the kindness of strangers and struck out on my own as a PR consultant. Haven’t looked back since and get weak in the kneew when I think of that kind of love.

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