“I think about this a lot with coworkers: would I find this person as offensive if she were a man?”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “‘He’s a Boss, She’s a Bitch’“.

wellokaythen said:

“I think Valenti’s article does describe something that is still too common in the workplace. It’s overhyped and overgeneralized, as you rightly point out, but there’s still some basis in reality.

“I think about this a lot with some of my more difficult coworkers. Would I find this person as offensive if she were a man and not a woman? Honestly, I admit sometimes the answer is “no,” so I do have a double standard. But, many times the honest answer is ”yes,” this person is just offensive regardless of gender.

“What concerns me a lot is that fighting this stereotype can lead to another extreme. I work with some women who seem to be convinced that being female means that they have a license to be as obnoxious, petty, and manipulative as they want to be, with the rationale that if a man acted like that no one would complain. They seem to assume that all men do whatever the hell they want to, therefore it is completely fair, just, and progressive to do whatever they want to.

“Articles like Valenti’s may inspire women to stand up for themselves in order to do the best job possible. They can also inspire some women to become even more obnoxious bosses.” 

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