“I want sex to communicate my love. It’s the one thing we can do with each other that nobody else can.”

These are comments by Jon D and wellokaythen on the post “Five Sex Tips for Women About Men“.

Jon D said:

“This is an excellent article and something I have always expressed to my wife. I want sex to communicate my love for her. It’s the one thing in the world that we can do with each other that nobody else can. It’s an act of love for me, even when it’s not exactly tender because it involves absolute vulnerability and exposure. It can be so rewarding that we must ensure it holds a place at the table in our relationship forever.

“I think over the years we have developed an understanding and while there are peaks and valleys, we try to make sure to enjoy the peaks and never to begrudge each other when we find ourselves in the valleys. We make sure that it’s never my fault or your fault, or that anyone is at fault. Blame and doubt and insecurity have to be cast out before they take up residence between us in bed. Communication is key, as is patience, forgiveness, and appreciation.”

wellokaythen said: 

“Sounds good to me, a lot of truth here. I would add one more standard caveat: Your man is not ‘men.’ He is not a representative of all men everywhere.

“He is himself. He is an individual who may confirm everything you think about men or nothing you think about men, but probably a little of both. He is the person who knows best what he likes. It’s not bad to explore possibilities and experiment a little bit, but ultimately the best advice you can get is from him, not anyone else. If he doesn’t respond the way you expect a man to respond, that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with him or something wrong with you.”

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