“I was talking to a friend about the time he was shot…His mom never found out.”

This comment is from John Anderson on the post The Karate Stance

At a certain point your kids were prefer that you aren’t cool. My brother benches 325 and has 17 or so inch arms. My niece almost had a fit when she found out one of her girlfriends thought her dad was hot. She gets upset when he talks to waitresses.

Protective instinct has as much to do with martial arts training as courage. My brother and I both kick box. One time, our uncle told my mom that my cousin’s boyfriend had beaten her. We knew where he hung out and found him there with 4 of his buddies. He was cocky for about 10 seconds before we laid them out. Was that brave or should two weight lifting, juicing, martial artists be able to knock the crap out of five guys who excel at beating women and children?

I will warn you though if you have any boys that the urge to protect doesn’t just extend from father to son, but also from son to mother or sister. I was talking to a friend about the time he was shot. His brothers took him to the hospital and his mom never found out. A female friend who was with us was incredulous. She said that if she was his mom, she would want to know. It was mostly done to protect his mom because they weren’t sure how she’d handle the news, but I think that part of it was to not destroy the image that she had of him being an angel.

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