“I WILL change my masculine frame for ME because it is who I want to be.”

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  1. “…especially when the issue has to do with HIM….”

    Brilliant statement…! There were several times and various approaches I would try to get my husband’s attention on an important matter… And I would get blown off or ignored or dismissed… Even worse his drunken friend was always there in between us and dissing me, too….recently, my husband finally apologized and admitted how self-absorbed and wrong he was…he kept claiming that he didn’t know (and I was pointing out what he and his friend were doing all the time…) …I guess he feels remorseful because I am about to go in for a procedure… I suppose several years too late is better than never….

    • Hi Leia,
      Thanks. This is exactly the point where you can “make or break” his desire to change. I know it’s hard, but YOU have to step up now and accept each and every effort he makes. Testing, waiting, judging him is not helpful. Yes, he’s late. Aren’t we all. Good luck. Love him and let him love you. And call him out if it goes backwards.

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