“I wish my dad had taught me to: tell great stories, pray, forgive, draw, and how to talk and burp at the same time.”


These are comments by Elvin Turner, Taylor Garcia, JD Robeeto on the post “25 Life Skills a Father Can Give His Son“.

Elvin Turner said:

I’d add:

How to tell great stories
How to pray
To forgive
To draw
To talk and burp at the same time

Taylor Garcia said:

All sound skills, but I am astounded shaving is not on this list. It is a crucial skill the father must teach the son how to do. My father never taught me and my face still hasn’t forgiven him for it.

JD Robeeto said:

I was raised by my Mom for most of my young life so there’s definitely nothing exclusionary about this list. I’m a Dad raising a boy and I think about these things, so I positioned it as skills a Dad can give his son. But I hope to give my daughter the same skills, and – as William mentioned above – all dance instruction will be left to my wife.


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