“If more dads did what Tony Hawk did with his daughter, the world would be a better place.”

This is a comment by Andrew Lawes on the post “Merry Christmas, Tony Hawk—The World Thinks You’re a S*** Parent“.

Andrew Lawes said:

“For people to call Tony Hawk a bad parent is unbelievably judgmental and downright ridiculous. To assume that he, as a father, didn’t make a mental risk assessment of the positives and negatives of skating with his daughter, is an awful assumption. One of the biggest problems our society has is this inane desire to see the worst in people.

“When I see those photos, I see a beautiful bonding experience between father and daughter, one that she’ll probably cherish as one of her earliest memories. People who see otherwise should look and themselves before casting judgement. Look at his daughters’ beaming smile. THAT is worth more than critical opinions of people who should just keep their noses out.

“If more fathers took the time to do activities like that with their children, the world would be a much better place.” 

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Photo credit: Tony Hawk, Instagram.com / Mamamia.com

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