“If women choose it, boxing is a women’s sport.”

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This comment by Anthony Zarat on the post Should Boxing Be a Women’s Sport?

“But along the way something happened that imbued this animalistic ritual with beauty and grace and meaning. It became the canvas for writers to think, talk and write about manhood for a generation.”

So boxing is OK for men because it fills a masculine need — but it is not OK for women because it does not fill any comparable feminine need? Why? How do you know? More precisely, how do you presume to speak for 3 billion women?

You ask:

“Should Boxing Be a Women’s Sport?”

Boxing should become a women’s sport if women want it to. Maybe it will be a vehicle for women to re-discover a competitive side of themselves that has been lost for 5000 years. Maybe it will be something completely different. I don’t care and neither should you. People are free to make the choices that they want. If enough women decide to make that choice, then boxing will be a woman’s sport.

Note that the gender-equality-nuts who are promoting female Olympic boxing are just as misguided as you. The number of women who have chosen to take up boxing is microscopic. Promoting boxing for women because of an ideological bias is just as foolish as suppressing boxing for women because of an ideological bias.

Just let people do what they want.


Food for Thought:

People should be free to choose any sport, profession, occupation, hobby or activity that they wish. Thoughts:


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  2. Tsach Gilboa says:

    Is boxing a sport? and even if it is, does it inflict undue damage on the people who partake in it? If the answer is yes, society has an interest in minimizing the damage with regulations and education. Since we know boxing will be with us for a long time I see no reason to make it a gender based activity, even if we could. Women are free to engage in it just as men are and those that have issues with it will have to learn to live with them.

  3. J.Crawford says:

    Well, there are Women in MMA, specifically the UFC (Rhona Rousey, Gina Carano, and “Cyborg” Justino SHOULD ring a bell by now) so why can’t boxing also be a woman’s sport? Muhammed Ali’s daughter was a boxer and a Champion at that, so this so-called “debate” is an oxymoron IMHO

  4. Tsach Gilboa says:

    Very good points. I agree that Boxing is not good for boxers and the culture (I never watch it or have any desire to). The issue here is not is boxing a sport, good or bad. The issue here is why should one gender, women, not be free to bash their heads in for money is they so choose?

  5. No. Boxing should not be anyone’s “sport”, nor any other event that involves deliberate brain damage and killing as a normal and accepted part of “competion” (e.g. “ultimate fighting”). Even in motorsports, where death happens on a regular basis, there is a constant effort to prevent injuries and fatalities with controls and safety equipment.

    The lie is that “people should have a right to choose”, but they’re choosing out of ignorance, not knowledge. The long term effects of boxing are well known (e.g. Muhamma Ali’s Parkinson’s disease, Mike Tyson the rapist and others committing violence outside the ring). Those who run football deliberately hid the risk of concussions from players, and the ever increasing size of them has led to an ever increasing number of CTE cases, even amongst teenagers.

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