“If you WERE in a fight last night, please clean the blood off BEFORE you hop on public transit.”

This is a comment by GirlGlad4TheGMP on the post “How to Ride a Bus“.

GirlGlad4TheGMP  said:

“Extension to #8: If you WERE in a fight last night, please clean the blood off of your face/hands/clothes BEFORE you hop on public transit in the middle of the afternoon.

11. Don’t cop a feel when you’re trying to push past people. There’s a brush-by, and it doesn’t include cupping or any other rigorous hand motions for extended periods.

12. Use your cellphone sparingly. It’s ok to quietly ask if you should pick up a roast for dinner. It’s not ok to advertise all the goings-on at last night’s gathering, interspersed by such radiant commentary as ‘Oh my God’ or ‘No way’.

13. If you see someone trying to get on/off with luggage, or a stroller or just plainly having difficulty getting on/off the bus, chill out and let them do what they need to do. Don’t push past them or make loud grumbling or sighing sounds. It’s insensitive and just adds more stress to a person already struggling. Either help out or wait quietly.

14. If you’re sick and hacking, cover your mouth! Nobody wants ANY of what you’re having, trust me.” 

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