“In ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ women are comfortable with themselves and it’s men who struggle with who society wants them to be.”

This is a comment by Shawn Peters on the post “#Oscars2013 – Why ‘Wreck it Ralph’ is Even More Brave Than ‘Brave’“.

Shawn Peters said:

 Think you nailed it on this Joanna. Definitely enjoyed “Wreck It Ralph” more than “Brave” as a movie fan, but as fodder for this site, it offers quite a bit more as well.

When you say “post-feminist gender utopia” I think it’s dead on. In the entire movie, the women are already comfortable with who they are, and even when they find out they’re someone else, they can handle it because they are so sure of their identity.

Meanwhile, it’s the men who are struggling with who (video game) society wants them to be. The 12-step program is full of male villains, and while Ralph is the only one willing to act out and refuse to the bad guy, they’re all in there dealing with issues, allowing themselves to be vulnerable.

And the men (just like little “glitch” Vanellope) do eventually learn that they don’t have to BE someone different to change, they just have to use their innate characteristics towards a new end. Men don’t have to stop being strong or physical … they just have to be their authentic selves and listen to their voice inside them.

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