“It is totally okay for men have close, loving relationships with other guys.”

This is a comment by Miguel on the post “Close Male Friendship Appreciation“.

Miguel said:

“I am very glad that you did this article Shawn because I rarely hear this topic spoken on but it is an issue that is so essential for healthy male personal growth and development. It is so very important for men to know that it perfectly okay for us to have close loving relationships with other men and that it is not necessary for them to be sexual relationships in order for them to be emotionally fulfilling.

“In terms of platonic male relationships in my own life I have been blessed with a small circle of male friends both straight and gay that mean the world to me. We hug each other often and tell each other that we love each other just as often. These relationships are built upon the mutual respect and admiration that we have for one another. In fact a couple of us from time to time kiss one another upon the cheek when we greet one another and when we depart from each others presence.

“In a society where men all too often do not receive love and support from their own fathers, uncles cousins and brothers it is a blessing to be able to give and receive the beauty and strength of love and affirmation from our own men folk that women folk have been fortunate enough to experience, benefit and grow from one another for many years. Without experiencing positive/nurturing male to male relationships men all too often can become hardened and insensitive to others.

“I feel that one of the greatest attributes that a man can possess is compassion. When my male friends and I hug one another and say to each another ‘I love you papa’ that to me is a very warm and loving acknowledgement of our acceptance of one another into our perspective places within the circle of love and brother hood. I think that this is something that every male should have the benefit of having in his life. It doesn’t matter if that male is his Father, Brother, (In Law), Cousin, Best Friend, Mentor, or Partner.

“We can be better and stronger men if we truly know that we care about one another and that we as men matter to one another as well.

“Excellent post, Papa. Much love, Miguel!”

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