“Make sure your ’till death do us part’ doesn’t mean the death of someone else.”

This is a comment by bride on the post “How to Buy an Engagement Ring for Your Girlfriend, James Bond Style“.

bride said:

“I know, it is daunting to get married, and to find the perfect ring. But I would have loved to read, that Good Men also worry about the social and economic effects of our traditions. As most of you know, most diamonds (which by the way are truly not rare stones, but whose value has been created by the market), originate from areas controlled by illegal factions that commit human rights violations. Also, Legal Mining companies, and governments incur in human rights violations in the mining of diamonds.

“The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (set up in by the United Nations to impose requirements on Participants to certify that shipments of rough diamonds are free from conflict diamonds) along with other certifications, ensure that your ’till death do us apart’, doesn’t entail the death of others. You can find online many resources for ethical diamonds, socially and environmentally responsible. Plus, they should not be more expensive. In entails care and responsibility, like your future life. In some countries, chemical technology has allowed for the replication of diamonds. And of course, there is always the option of going for something, a bit more genuine, and truly rare, as love should be.” 

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