“Men can never be considered ‘manly’ enough. It’s like a carrot dangling in front of our noses.”

This is a comment by BP and Keevo on the post “Poll: Why is Our Society Obsessed with Modern Men and Manliness?

BP said:

“If NYT ran a story about why modern women are not womanly enough, there would be riots in the streets.”

Keevo responded:

“Exactly. As usual it’s a simple matter of reversing the genders and you can easily imagine the reaction! Projection is the fundamental nature of this behaviour. What I mean is that men can never be considered “manly” enough. It’s like a carrot dangling in front of our noses, we keep striving to meet an impossible standard and the goal posts keep being shifted back. Whether men actually are ‘manly’ enough in reality has nothing to do with it whatsoever.

“It’s just so patently obvious that endlessly complaining that men don’t live up to an ideal maintains the pressure to keep striving harder and harder to live up to it, like a hampster in a perpetual wheel of insecurity. Will we ever be considered adequate as we are? I doubt it, society has always benefitted from this mind game.” 

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  1. To be a man is to not be concerned about these things. Women have drama in their lives, and men love them for that, and a real man knows how to tame his woman when she is in the midst of a meltdown, and believe me it takes a real man to stand in front a of such a woman, and with just his words and actions take her from that place to somewhere better.

    You’d be well placed to read Way Of The Superior Man by David Deida.

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