“Men need to hone in on their inner HSP to help other each other through tough times.”

These are comments by Leia and Rick Belden on the post “Welcome to the New Generation of Highly Sensitive Men“.

There is an opportunity for men to pick up on the anguish and troubles of others and do what they can to creative solve them together. Can you tune into your inner Highly Sensitive Man?

Leia said:

I think men need to hone in on their inner HSP and help other men. My hubby is an HSP and picked up on the crankiness of his fellow colleague…at first, he mirrored that crankiness right back at him, but later, he thought about it and felt remorseful and realized that his colleague was just as overwhelmed as he is (I.E. working two jobs, dealing with his wife’s recent cancer diagnosis and breast reconstruction surgery, etc.)

So the next morning, my husband apologized to him and talked to him in a more constructive way to work out the schedules so that all the colleagues could get more down time in the future without jeopardizing the work responsibilities.

Sniping and grouching behind someone’s back is not helpful to anyone!

Rick Belden said:

Good comment, Leia, and a great example of how a man who is accessing his sensitivity skillfully can be a real asset to those around him as a creative problem solver without draining himself.

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