“My first year of marriage sucked. People expect what they see on TV and marriage is no exception.”

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  1. FlyingKal says:

    Let’s face it, people base what they expect in life on what they see in movies and TV.

    If so, then why are people having these rose-coloured glasses about marriage? When TV is busy 24/7 spewing out so-called sit-”coms” showing nothing but marriages full of resentment and degrading behaviour between the spouses,

  2. Tom B and your dearly beloved, Congratulations on 38 years!

    I came from a divorced home, so I had no illusions or fairy tales that prince charming, TV, or bride magazines were real life. Divorce teaches kids about marriage the hard way, more than any TV show ever will. Divorce taught me that marriage is about giving and serving to another’s life. And yes, at first it sucks to put someone else’s needs before your own. But then you soon realize that by giving to someone else you get filled too. But that is life, that’s people, and that’s unconditional love. Bear in mind, I’m 43 and never married, and I don’t fear marriage. Because I learned, single-life takes a lot of effort. Marriage takes a lot of effort. People take a lot of effort, but that’s life. Like you said, it’s what you make of it and what you put into it!

  3. I like this comment overall, but do people really set their expectations of marriage on tv shows, rather than their parents, relatives, friends, etc. seems hyperbolic. To me


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