“Now that’s a luxury. Getting to pretend racism doesn’t exist.”


This comment is by i’mjustsayin on the post The Luxury of Invisible Privilege

why is it that when someone writes an intelligent, critical piece on ONE topic, there are people compelled to point out, “i’m affected by this too”? but in a dismissive, self-congratulatory, “get over it” way…

my theory is that it gives a person permission to move on from the topic and return to the relative comfort of his or her life–now that’s a luxury. getting to pretend this doesn’t exist.

the writer never claimed that whites are the only ones enjoying privilege in this country, so stop dismissing people’s experiences by claiming that because they’re not singular, they aren’t valid. and if you’re going to attempt to paint white men (as a broad generalization) as the victims in American society today, please go back to the drawing board, as a more privileged demographic does. not. exist.

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  1. I agree with Archy.
    It is very regrettable that USA still has a race-problem issue and is unable to overcome it. Even the president of USA is not white. It is plainly wrong to accuse another person to have privileges because he or she is born white. In USA are poor and rich people and what has their wallet to do with their race?

    • Well whites do have more privilege, but I meant to say that wealth n power are like a multiple of 10 whereas race is a 5, so it’s possible that wealth n power for a black woman can HEAVILY outweigh the privileges of a straight white lower class and probably even middle class male. However a black straight white lower/mid class male will have less privilege than the same person whom is white (at least in the U.S from what I can understand, not sure about somewhere like some African nations where it may be reversed?). Just like a white man with the same power n privilege as Oprah will have more privilege. Someone else can answer this better, but a black man may have less than a black woman due to the risk of violence and police harassment?

      Basically privilege is super complicated and many intersections exist. I am a straight, white male who is not 100% able bodied (mental and physical illness currently harming my health a lot), I am overweight (which is a major stigma), I am tall (which is a benefit though too tall might be an issue, eg I hit my head at times and seating in public areas is a PITA), I have mental illness which is another thing that lowers my overall privilege, and I am poor. There are plenty of people whom are more privileged than I, even women who are able bodied, etc. There are plenty who are less privileged, and my privilege is changing as my health gets better too and as I earn more money.

  2. Rich people are more privileged than white people. Oprah Winfrey is HUGELY more privileged than 99% of white men. Think before you speak. The ultimate privileges are power + wealth.

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