“On TV, a man having a heart attack is sometimes used as a source of amusement.”

This comment is by wellokaythen on the post Manning Up: Women’s Rise, Man’s Demise?

Men with heart disease are more likely to get blamed for it than women with heart disease. “If only you men didn’t eat so poorly and take on so much stress, you wouldn’t get so many heart attacks.” With women, however, heart disease is a killer, an epidemic sweeping the nation, not really anyone’s fault, except for the medical profession which needs to do more to prevent it.

(I was just thinking that on TV a man having a heart attack is sometimes used as a source of amusement. [Fred Sanford, for example.] But, you don’t see a woman having a heart attack placed in a comedic light. With men, it’s funny and it’s all our fault anyway.)

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  1. wellokaythen says:

    (Probably bad form to comment on my own quote, but I’ve already admitted to being the worst person you can imagine.)

    The closest I can think of for women in TV comedy is going into labor being used for comedic effect.

    If I were a woman, I’d be a little ticked off from the opposite direction: when do women on TV or in movies EVER have heart attacks? Even in dramas. Even in tragic stories. This major killer of women (far deadlier than breast cancer, I might add) almost totally unknown in pop culture. I remember an early episode of E.R. in which a woman comes in with chest pains, the doctors think she’s going into cardiac arrest, but, no, it turns out to be indigestion — a big belch and she’s cured! Way to go on visibility….

  2. Transhuman says:

    In many forms of media, men are portrayed as sub-human, childlike and disposable. It isn’t enough that men abstain from these forms of “entertainment” since most of it is made to appeal to women. Taking on the MSM is not likely to work, there is far too much money and Feminist pride at stake…perhaps better to teach boys how to filter out the Feminism-inspired hate against their sex and to rely upon their own knowledge of who they are.

    Men have only each other in this, women will not help; it isn’t in their interests to do so.

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