“One guy broke into tears and said his classmate saved him from suicide by reaching out.”

This is a comment by AF on the post “Breaking News: Dudes Have Feelings“.

AF said:

“I had to share this with a community that would appreciate it:  I just came back from the last meeting of my college marching band. The seniors all get to make speeches about band and what it’s meant to them over the years. I saw multiple men speak their emotions truthfully, telling both women and other men that they loved them, that they were grateful to have such good friends in their life. Multiple men, both the speakers and in the audience, cried openly and were not shamed. One man told the story of how one of his classmates had saved his life from suicide by recognizing that something was wrong and getting him the help he needed. He broke down in tears during his speech.

“Sometimes reading all this terrible news online (and reading comments from people) is depressing. We wonder if the world can ever really be fixed. But in my life, among all the good men I know, sometimes there are moments of great hope. I know not everyone in my generation is as accepting of a non-traditional role for men as this community. But these men spoke their love for to and cried in front of 150 people and no one felt they were less than men for it. It was a transcendent moment that I hope will be repeated often.” 

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