“Present-day American culture gives a lot of voice to anger and outrage, all the while being afraid of it.”

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  1. The idea that the squeaky hinge gets oiled is not just an attention getting device that all humans use. All people simply do not behave that way. Many are patient, kind and reserved about their needs in relation to those of others.
    In American society, by purposeful design, there is a hierarchy of need based upon the structure of government. For instance, the needs of minorities have been taken care of last because of how the laws were written in America.Our government is designed to divide citizens in to special interests groups who, through various means such as- lobbying the government for redress-all must clamor loudly and or pay money to be heard. It is called factionalism and Madison spoke of it Federalist Papers #10. The Constitutions guarantees everyone has the right to petition the government if they feel they were wronged. So, politics does shape and order what we find important and who we think is serving of help or deserving to be heard. Once the hierarchy is established-human nature takes over and people become selfish protecting their own turf first and foremost. This is why feminism is a woman’s movement and is resistant to change and why labor sticks together, and the AMA and so forth. From an historical,vantage point, the anger we see in contemporary politics pales in comparison to the past and its not even close.

  2. ****”If you’re angry, that means you’re unhappy, so something is wrong, so I need to fix it. If someone is mad or offended, that means society has done something wrong to that person, and social justice must prevail.”****

    Ummmmm. You ever think it might not be about the individual. That the source of outrage might be for our nation’s child-safety, unborn, chemical pollutants in our water, voter fraud?… I look at these issues as urget as a burning building

    Step away from the modern mirror for a while and you might see that there actually issues that impassion and motivate people for things other than their own self centered arse.

  3. Wow! This blog looks just like my old one!

    It’s on a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

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