“Saying men only shack up because of sex or 1950′s reasoning reduces men to mere sex objects.”

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  1. Hooray for sexism…../sarcasm

    • Mike Russo says:

      Right? Fuck that shit. I’ve dated 3 women in the last 6 years, and if I left any of them in my kitchen alone for the time it takes to take a dog for a walk, there would be no apartment left when I got back. I don’t even let my mom cook for me or in my kitchen at all. She always uses the utensil caddy as a spoon. It drives me insane. What makes you think I need someone to cook my meals?

  2. I do have to wonder why there has to be so much discussion of men and marriage and if men want marriage any more.

    ‘shacking up’ is the new marriage and it’s male centric? Yippey – men are shacking up with men and my market share as a queer guy just got massive! Can I have a Brad Pitt Clone please?

    ‘shacking up’ does take two – so it is odd for a woman to write about it and negate and diminish any female participation and of course “Agency” when it comes to Upping that Shack.

    I could be crude and just recommend that the ladies cross their legs and hold out until the shacks are off the table and only well constructed urban dwellings circa 1950 are on offer – but of course to say that would be seen as regressive and even sexist – so I won’t recommend it as a course of action.

    I mean – marriage is not about being nice and having a garden with the right car in the driveway – it’s a legal contract which addresses community property rights…. oh and that Responsibility thing.

    I wasn’t aware that so many US women wanted to discuss property rights and responsibilities under contract – and that given shacks are seen as bad for appreciation on investment and 1950′s chocolate boxes are better, I can see why they would want to discuss marriage so much more than men. I can see why some would be so upset if there is no real way to stop the shack building unless they actually take responsibility for their construction and put down the hammer. P^)

    • Mike Russo says:

      Boom. The humor in this made me almost love you enough to go gay just for you…ALMOST. To continue your wordplay, you really hit the nail on the head! You really…Hammered that one home? BAHAHAHA Thank you I’ll be here till Thursday. Try the veal!

  3. wellokaythen says:

    What’s with all the hostility out there about men wanting sex? I’d like to see some respect for sexual desire on its own terms. Even if the desire to have sex is a major motivation in a man’s live, there’s no reason to treat that as a horrible thing. It’s not necessarily primitive, immature, or regressive to make relationship decisions on the basis of sexual goals. Far from it. And, it makes no sense to contrast sexual fulfillment and other things that a man may want out of a relationship – why set up sex as incompatible with all other desires in life?

    Meanwhile, in many cases sex is not actually the ultimate goal but a means to an end. Even a man who seems to be overly obsessed with sex may actually be searching for the things that a fulfilling sex life can give you. (Nothing wrong with having great sex as a goal in and of itself, of course.) It may be a beginning and not an end point.

    As for looking for someone who will clean and cook for you, I think that’s relatively low on the list of us men who have practiced “shacking up” instead of or before getting married. More accurate to say that we are attracted to the idea of having a “good roommate” as part of our intimate companionship. Much of the desire for someone to cook and clean is probably indirect, like being attracted to someone who is different from you – messy people attracted to tidy people. That doesn’t mean that the messy person deep down is just looking for a maid.

  4. Regular sex and physical intimacy is the MOST important reason why a man wants to shack up.
    It is not the only one though.

    Shacking up / marriage is the ONLY way for MOST men to obtain regular convenient sex and physical intimacy.

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