“Thanks for always taking on awful and tough subjects that no one else dares to mention.”

This is a comment by Leia on the post “This Much I Know To Be True“.

Leia said:

“The GMP site is to say, the least, provocative, controversial, and weirdly inspiring at times. Thanks for always taking on the most awful and tough subjects that no one else dares to mention.

“Thank you for the better moderation … Things have improved from the food fights that used to occur here into more nuanced and intelligent discussion. Not that mean, snipey comments don’t slip in here and there, but it’s much better overall.

“Some of the essays have such depth and insight that I have been left breathless at times. Thank you for Andrew Lawes, Rick Belden, and Gint Aras, and for you, too, Tom. Thank you for creating a community that allows for deeper discussion … 

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  1. Leia, thank you so much for such a lovely comment. It makes me immensely proud to have had such an impact upon you. Thank you again.

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