“Thanks for the article. Needed a little courage and tact before I called up my girlfriend.”

These are comments by k-dawg, Justin Timothy, and br on the post “How to Break Up with a Girl (From a Guy Who’s Done it Wrong a Few Times)“.

k-dawg said:

“Thanks for the article, everyone who worked to get it here. Needed a little courage and tact before I called up my girlfriend for a chat and this post really hit the spot. Mark Radcliffe, whoever you are and wherever you are, a big thank you from one dude to another. The part that reinforced me was about making sure she didn’t get blindsided by the break-up conversation. It’s hard to bring that up to her in advance, but important if I’m going to be fair to the feelings of a woman with whom I’ve worked hard to build a trusting relationship. Thanks again, I’m headed to her place for the talk right now. :(”

Justin Timothy said:

“I really appreciate you acknowledging that breakups are something that needs to be done in person (as is communicating anything important in a relationship). I’ve been on the receiving end of having the last couple relationships I’ve entered into end via a phone call and most recently, text messaging. While I am certainly no stranger to all of current western culture’s various means of communication, I do think it’s important that we don’t use those as a means to avoid discussions that should be had while in the same room as the other individual.” 

br said:

“Really helpful–from my point of view there should be also the advice, not to give false hope. That means, not to let her believe that there’s a chance, although you yourself don’t see any. And the worst thing, you can do, is having sexual intercourse after the break-up.”

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  1. Mark Radcliffe says:

    Aww, shucks, gents. Good to hear. And thanks for saying. Hope it made the proceedings go a little more smoothly, or at least more maturely, as I’m well aware they can still be painful as hell, for both parties. Feel free to share your experience with others. I’ve got tons of female friends who lament how badly men handle breakups all the time, so it seems there’s still more work to do…

  2. Thx for the tips…. m going to use it to impress my gf

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