“The capacity for change in even the most backward people starts with compassion. Take it from a former Psycho Bitch from Hell.”

This is a comment by Vironika Tugaleva on the post “How to Deal with a Psycho Bitch from Hell“.

The more we label each other, the more we reduce each other to stereotypes and the more we build up the barriers between each other. We have to start at compassion to be able to reach through the awful moments. 

Vironika Tugaleva said:

Wow Atalwin, I love your message about listening.  When we reduce people to mere labels, we know we have failed.  We are all complex and multi-dimensional.  The human capacity for growing, learning, and change is immense.  People don’t get “unhinged” without cause.  Those causes are very often ignored when passing judgement.  At the end of the day, there is really no way to pass judgement and be compassionate.  There is no way for us all to be happy without compassion.  The capacity for change in even the most backward people, male or female, starts with compassion.  Take it from a former, reformed Psycho Bitch from Hell.

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