“The snitch factor came into play. It’s called survival.”

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  1. Its actually NOT “survival” in my book. The non-snitch factor is actually “sacrifice.”

    Witnesses and bystanders willingly sacrifice the health and safety of the victims in some cases and in most, they sacrifice justice in exchange for their own little imaginary box of safety.

    In Boston, some sleaze-ball recently made a bundle selling T-shirts that basically threatened “snitches” and devalued their lives. Again, THAT’s not survival. THAT is sacrificing in order to teach children that snitches are low-life in “the hood.”

    The isolation set-up through that “don’t snitch” attitude grows and festers throughout crappy neighborhoods and schools, etc. Its what keeps the “building’s pedofile” safe. No one is gonna call “the man” to report Mr Henley cuz it will bring a world of shit down upon this building, neighborhood and a family or two.

    Aiding and abiding a criminal is nearly literally pissing on the heads of a sub-culture and its children, as undoing those lessons of self-centered, wrong-headed isolation yield a life of misery.

    “But Rob, the reality is, if they were to tell on the purse snatcher, they will be targeted in real life!!!” You are going to be targeted by a “purse snatcher?” Don’t you think its time to turn the table of the scum that stinks-up the street, schools and everywhere else children grow-up?

    When you cover up for a scum-bag, you ensure certain change. You ensure the criminal that he can perpetrate again…and boldly. When you grow a pari and refuse to allow disease to grow in your children’s world, you guarantee very different change.

    Time to Man-up and Woman-up!

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