“There are side effects to behaving like men are automatically untrustworthy.”

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  1. “It is true that men physically abusing women happens more than the reverse, but it’s misleading for at least two reasons: for one thing, female abuse of a male is reported at a much lower rate, because any man who can get physically hurt by a woman is considered un-manly or pre-assumed to have done something to her to deserve it. And a man’s claim to abuse will usually be automatically disbelieve on the grounds that he should have been stronger than her and thus could have prevented it.”

    Not only that. If there are kids involved and there was a physical altercation, the man is immediately at risk of loosing access to his kids, even if all he did was take a punch. It’s a real and present fear for men because the court system always assumes men are the violent ones.

  2. David Byron says:

    OK this seems to be an error. The link is actually to an old article by Lisa called “When Women fear Men” although it’s such a great male positive article that I think it might almost have been called “When Men Fear Women” as the link above has it.

    If anyone hasn’t read the original I would say definitely go read it. In my opinion its one of the best articles on the whole site.

  3. Quadruple A says:

    This is great comment because it eloquently describes how misandry works in our society without slipping into misogyny which is one reason I avoid most of the so called “manosphere” other than the GoodMenProject. The pervasive prejudices that limit men’s ability to choose a childrearing role as father’s means that those women who do have ambitions in the work world will always be hampered by the greater expectations that society places on them to do childrearing. If more women could see how misandry affects their lives maybe they would be more likely to work to oppose it. Some people will probably remark that feminism does in fact advocate against the idea that men can’t be childrearers but it usually does so in a way that places the blame solely on men and fails to be truly aware of how sexism limits men’s choices.

  4. Agreed.

    You should treat everyone equally, regardless of gender. Even if they are a man.

  5. “And for what it’s worth, among men who desire meaningful relationships and not just hookups, nobody is going to refuse to consider any woman who happens to have small boobs; but among women who desire meaningful relationships, it’s very common to refuse to consider any man who happens to be shorter than she is.”

    This is BS, people of any gender disregard others because of their physical attributes.

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