“There is a push for women to be their most genuine selves, and yet now there is makeup for men!?”


This is a comment by Cameron Brown on the post “Makeup for Men? Why?

Cameron Brown said:

“What I would love to see is gender equality going in the opposite direction, where expensive makeup and plastic surgeries were ridiculous to both sexes, instead of bringing men into this beauty-magazine insanity.”

I have to agree with this standpoint. There is now such a push for females to look genuine, that makeup, weight etc don’t matter as much as confidence does. I believe the Dove product line very much looks at minimalism in beauty, rather than going over the top. The idea of “real women” (or more appropriately, average shape and size) as models is gaining ground … Yet now there is makeup for men!? It doesn’t make any sense at all, push for women to be their most genuine selves, but men to begin wearing makeup.

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  1. Yet now there is makeup for men!? It doesn’t make any sense at all, push for women to be their most genuine selves, but men to begin wearing makeup.
    That just goes to show you that when it comes to men and body image folks are still not wising up.

    It seems instead of getting rid of the idea that men must fit a certain ideal body image we are just seeing the definition of “ideal male body image” change from one thing to another. That’s not good.

  2. There is no makeup for men-
    Some guys may wear makeup, some women’s products may be packaged differently…

  3. Feminization of men …… I guess the trend is to make it so that men can be more like women. This makeup crap along with the demonizing macho men … I’m glad as hell I’m getting old and won’t have to deal with this ridiculousness for too many years.

    • ogwriter says:

      @Tom B: Is this not just the dumbest sh8t you ever heard of? I mean yes,let’s create a another generation of self absorbed, insecure, me centered males. That will fix things, for sure. I read an article yesterday on yahoo something or other that chronicled the complaints from women who are frustrated with their men because these men are too much like them. Norelco has a new line of commercials that use sexy women who say they only like men have hairless bodies. This tactic uses a combination of shame and sexuality to entice foolish young men into becoming replica’s of women damaged by body image issues. Wow, is this culture stupid or what?

      • Ogwriter

        How about the fact that men now react with horror if women are not shaved?
        (Private parts .)

        • ogwriter says:

          @Iben: That must a new thing. Besides, I don’t know a single straight man who would turn down sex with a woman because her private parts were too hairy. I fail too see the progress in creating body image problems where none before existed

          • Ogwriter

            I agree 100%.
            But lots of men in 2013 turn down women that do not shave.
            You find facts about the in debates here on GMP. I also heard a young man on the radio explain how he had razors in his bathroom for women he brought home for romance and he asked them to take a shower and shave first. And they all did.

            Europeans are more tolerant of body hair on women. If I had lived in America I wound have shaved my arms( not under user my arms,but arms) But here it is ok.

            And why men remove all the hair on their body is heartbreaking to see!. It also cost a fortune and must be done often if you have hair that grows fast.
            Some men have lots hair,some practically nothing. It is genetic.

  4. Hi Editors

    Let the men use make up if that is their style.
    Some men have the style do that . Let us leave them alone!

    Equlity of the sexes means a freedom of choice also for men.

    I as person see I intersex persons as attractive. The men that have the style to use makeup give out interesting stimulating vibes …at least to me.
    This happens in Japan as far as I know, and men there also feels more free to dress as they like.

    I am a woman that see make up as God’s gift to women, and who I am to say man shall be laughed at for needing some help. It is their choice.

    Some men do use a little foundation to cover up pimples or exzema. Why not?

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