“these kinds of insane charges…are the primary reasons people have trouble affording health care…”


Health Costs

This comment by Steve on the post The High Cost of A Cherry Popsicle (or The Lack of Healthcare Cost Transparency)

This makes me steamed for a couple of reasons – the first being that these kinds of insane charges (which are *not* even in the slightest unusual) is the primary reason people have trouble affording health care in this country, not issues with insurance. That fact that you need to have insurance to be able to afford health care is in itself a statement about the absurd prices health care professionals charge for five minutes of their time.
On the other hand, however, crap like taking the kid to an EMERGENCY ROOM because of a swollen ear doesn’t help matters. Yes, I understand family practice offices were closed for the holiday – were all of the urgent care clinics closed? Was her life in immediate danger because of a swollen earlobe where it couldn’t wait one day if needed?
Oh, and yes, pretty much any time you get services at a hospital you will get at *least* two bills – the one you’re talking about is from the hospital – ie the building/facility. Basically you got charged $451.14 for taking up space for a few minutes (by the way, if you ask for an itemized bill, they will usually send you one). You will also be getting a bill from the actual doctor, or doctors if more than one looked at her.


Question of the day:

Should the government set the price of health care products and services in order to control costs? (it does in countries where costs are much lower like Germany, France Canada, Switzerland…)


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  1. Tsach Gilboa says:

    You should read the article. It is based on his personal experience. This link will take you to additional info based on research and facts http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/2012/10/health-costs-how-the-us-compares-with-other-countries.html

  2. Tom Brechlin says:

    So what do you have to base this on?

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