“They can BE boys without anyone telling them to slow down, be quiet, or stay clean.”

This is a comment by Texpat on the post “Proof of Harm – The Boy Scouts’ ‘Perversion Files’“.

Texpat said:

“Regarding the current policies of BSA: Leaders are now required to report to authorities ANY time there is suspected misconduct. This fact is emphasized and re-emphasized throughout our training. This has been policy for I think around 20 years. In my pack there is no ‘culture of silence.’

“I have volunteered in many organizations: Cub Scout Den leader, basketball coach, soccer coach, swim coach, school volunteer, etc. My wife is a Girl Scout leader. BSA’s current youth protection guidelines and training are more stringent and comprehensive than any of the other organizations I have participated in or am aware of. Some examples: does your child’s school require background checks to chaperone field trips or volunteer in the classroom? Does the youth sports league you participate in have strict no one-on-one policies? If you’ve volunteered in any of these cases are you explicitly told that you MUST report any suspected misconduct?

“As far as what should happen to the organization for what is in the files—I cannot say. I certainly hope that those responsible are held to account. Any of the national leadership who were aware of these issues should be ousted from the organization. I personally am absolutely pissed about the fact that the national organization in Irving didn’t proactively do whatever they could to address these issues.

“I do hope that people remember that BSA serves thousands of boys and provides them with experiences, and leadership development that just aren’t available anywhere else. The kids in my den have spent their fall building and racing a raingutter regatta sail boat, learning about the pledge of allegiance, learning how to play touch football, and camping out with their parents at an amazing scout camp. They have had the opportunity to just BE boys without anyone telling them to slow down, be quiet, or stay clean. They’re learning to work together to accomplish things.” 

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