“‘Trauma in youth becomes attraction in adulthood.’ You just rocked my world with how true that is.”

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  1. “Rocked my world” = good connotation. “Shook my world” not so much. Why, if you put it in quotes, did you change what Mel actually said? (FYI I am not THAT Mel)

    And I agree with Mel. I was assaulted by a stranger in my 20s. Subsequently it took risky sexual behavior to get me off; I am sure something happens chemically when you are abused or assaulted that impacts your ability to experience pleasure. It’s why many, many survivors become addicts.

  2. What you say here is true Mel, but like the earliest experience of a Meth-head, or Cocaine user, those world-rocking experiences are perused with dire consequences. i’ve seen too many men and boys die hunting for that ultimate high that will never return.

    When your first 100 – 100 orgasms are by illicit means, there some serious imprinting that takes place. The boy or girl is not just imprinted, but branded as “wild meat.”

    But I KNOW there are pedophiles and rapists reading this right now. I will tell you this in clear, indisputable terms: They will cite this phenomenae with laser-precision, and it will fuel their satanic sense of entitlement to young flesh, even if limited to their own infected heads.

    God help the victims! And may the devil devour the pedophiles soon.

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