“We are in danger of living cardboard cutout lives…”

This comment is by Leia on the post  “Do Men Belong in the Women’s Movement?

Of course men should be involved in the movement and shake up the status quo…otherwise, we are all in danger of adhering to rigid stereotypes and never moving forward or expanding our definitions of ourselves….If we never evolve and remain static, then we are in danger of living cardboard cutout lives and never becoming fully realized….

My ex had two daughters whom he loved very much but I don’t think he allowed himself to get too close to them which I think robbed all of them in the end…If my ex was ever involved in campus groups to educate against sexual violence and assault, he would have realized that our relationship was based on all the wrong things…How can you have an close relationship with someone when you don’t really respect their views and feel what they go through in their lives? He dismissed much of what I felt or said….so I finally got quieter and quieter….when I finally decided to leave him for good, I told him what I really had felt all those years…and he was so shocked to hear it…his ego wouldn’t let him accept anyone’s viewpoint except for his own….It was like he had a relationship with himself all those years (I was just some cardboard cutout that he painted and posted for his enjoyment)….Are men and women really all that different? XY or XX chromosomes and some hormones mulling about decides whether the baby becomes a boy or a girl…

photo: ell-r-brown / flickr 
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