“We can’t support boys and men who are struggling when we believe that their struggles make them weak.”

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  1. Heriberto Vizcarra says:

    So, he should have been healthy enough to keep looking for help when the “helpers turned out on him? He should have been stronger? If we are to put requirements to this story, I would say he should not have been raped. Sadly, he was, and was damaged more than what your requirements allow. I understand where you’re coming from, there are many people who think that because they could solve their problems with this much help of that much support, everyone has to be at the same level.
    Maybe you were lucky enough to not have been damaged in a area that would keep you going indefinitely. Have you thought of that? Did you know that there are several areas of the brain that deal with pain, emotional and physical, and can keep you balanced to a certain degree? Have you thought that the people who were in a place where Trey Malone was, were probably hurt right there, where their brain would make them will themselves further, and that maybe, people like you were not?
    It’s good that you are a social worker and can help many people who are at the level of pain and damage that you can relate to and understand. I hope that the institution that you work at, has other social worker with the ability to help those who have been hurt in a range that you are not prepared to understand or relate to.

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