“We live in a world that’s one big raw nerve, one knee-jerk waiting to happen.”

This is a comment by JM on the post “The Suicide of Kate Middleton’s Nurse – Should We Bully the Bullies?

JM said:

“As someone whose entire professional career (over 25 years) has been as a radio announcer I can tell you that you have not factored in a major component. One that has been overlooked in every analysis I’ve read … that being: these two people are supposed to be professional broadcasters. Whether or not they’re supposed to ‘push boundaries’ or ‘be funny’ or whatever you want to try and say as a way to excuse their behavior—they’re supposed to know what is ‘too much’. They’re supposed to know what the law allows, what society would allow, what common sense and good judgement allow. A real broadcaster would know how to make that call (if it was necessary—my God, how have we not progressed beyond prank calls like this?) and not violate someone’s privacy and not make someone feel they’ve made a fatal mistake. Yes, they AND the producers should lose their jobs. They were clearly not equipped to have them in the first place.

“There is a point clearly lacking from what the author was making a point about: empathy. By all accounts Jacintha was a woman who was exceptional at her job and deeply caring. For a person of integrity an incident like this could have been unbearable. She may have felt like she *literally* could not live with herself. It’s ridiculous to imagine that what happened did NOT have to do with her death.

“Lastly, comparing broadcasters with comedians is really comparing apples and oranges. I understand the point you’re trying to make Joanna – but broadcasting is governed in ways that comedy is not. And that’s because it is literally ‘broad casting’ … anyone could happen across it (an unintended audience) and that’s why there are protections. When one goes to a comedy club, it’s really ‘no holds barred’. It’s a limited audience, it’s a mature audience.

“I do think Twitter and FB allow people to react too quickly and in too permanent a fashion. But, sadly, we live in a world now that’s just one big raw nerve, one giant knee-jerk reaction waiting to happen. ALL of this is really just a lack of self-control.” 

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Jacintha passed the call to someone else. To consider that a transgression worth killing oneself for seems hard to conceive. She didn’t give out private information.
    IMO, she had a lot going on and this particular issue may not have been in the top ten.

  2. It’s ridiculous to imagine that what happened did NOT have to do with her death.

    What you were saying was valid until you went into the “I know cos I have Crystal Balls” Territory.

    The old After – Therefore – Because of fallacy “Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc” – it’s been about so long as an error in human thinking …. the ancient Greek gets used to describe it.

    She died Ergo It had to be caused by what came before? People love to jump to conclusions and have knees jerking! Is it some kind of Cyber Hip Hop Craze – the Knee Jerkin? It does seem to be cultural and linked to youth – or maybe it’s Immaturity?

    And then you say “… we live in a world now that’s just one big raw nerve, one giant knee-jerk reaction waiting to happen.”

    Well…… it just happened – you decry Jerky Knees – Slip in a Knee Jerk Fallacy – and then claim it’s everyone else! You may need to get them nerves under better control. I’m finding the way people are thinking and behaving going into Freaky Land and Outa Head Space Territory.

    You said you spent 25 years as an announcer? Well I have to say, that having worked in media, 25 years is a big indicator that you could read and announce, but not check and figure out some issues such as Which came first the Chicken or the Egg – Is the Cart Before The Horse – and maybe Is the Cart Before The Chicken or is the egg before the horse and exerting influence (Freaky) .

    I’m wondering why this story is being pushed in the a very odd way. It does not fit standard patterns of progress across the net. It has a unique footprint.

    The Breach of Privacy and Confidentiality by THE HOSPITAL is not being mentioned. WHY?

    Everyone is up in arms and saying the DJs got info – But the Hospital is the one Legally obliged to not hand over the info. So –Why is the Legal failure by the hospital not being…..SCREAMED ABOUT ALL OVER TWITTER, FARCEBOOK AND ANY BLOG OPEN TO INDIGNANT KNEE JERK GRAFFITI?

    Known legal failure not mentioned – Cyber Indignation focusing people in the wrong direction. Boy I can see some very good media Gurus finger prints over that lot, and I’d like a job working with you!

    Is there a History of Breach of Privacy and Confidentiality at that hospital linked to celebrities and the Leveson Inquiry into Press Conduct – Phone Hacking – Spoofing?

    Any reason for media to be assisting in pushing focus down under and away from a hospital with stars and celebs as patients … and all those Private And Confidential Medical Records?

    Let us assume there has been a suicide. What method of suicide was used? It could well be highly significant.

    Nurse – Hospital – Access to Drugs – drugs which are dangerous and potentially lethal are controlled by multiple laws – regulated – even have to be signed for by two people with a full audit trail – From patient to Physician – to Pharmacist – Back to patient – To Administration by Nurse – Full audit trail.

    So if there has been a suicide – and if there has been controlled Drugs used – where is the issue? Down Under in Oz?

    Is it with two DJs in Oz Who did a stupid and very poor quality prank that was unexpectedly successful … or is it say a hospital that breaks the LAW on Privacy and Confidentiality …. and possibly has such poor internal management on Drugs that there would have to be a “Corporate Manslaughter” investigation and possible trial – Formal investigation by the Health And Safety executive and Charges brought .. with possible 6 figure fines and even jail time?

    And it’s the Private Hospital chosen by the Royal Family. Shock Horror – does that mean that Royal’s have been in a dangerous place and such people as Princess Margaret – the Blessed Queen Mum – Prince Phillip … and lord knows who else have been endangered?

    Odd how it looks when you present the alternatives from a position of looking not at what happened before and assuming a link – but looking at all of the reality and seeing where the issues and real Booby Traps Lie!

    Some jerks have knees and other people have feet that do the foot work – the plodding and checking!

    Now if I could just find a way to manufacture Cyber Knee Braces to control the jerks……,. That’s 7 billion people – 14 billion knees – 10$ per knee – and ongoing charges by the year. Forget farcebook, I’d be the first net Trillionaire.

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