“We still hold hands, still steal kisses at stoplights, still feel the thrill of romance ten years later.”

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  1. 49 years ago, when my wife was 11 years old and had just moved into the neighborhood, looked out her living room window and turned to her brother and as she was pointing at me, she said “I’m gonna marry him some day. 9 years later, we were married, and now, 38 years later, she’s still at my side.

    When did I know? After dating several girls in high school, none of them compared to Anne, who was a friend long before she became my love.

  2. When you have a man that is truly into you, self confident and secure with himself.. this is the result. A long lasting exciting relationship that is fulfilling for both partners and not just one.
    Speaking from a woman’s point of view, these kinds of men are truly unique and hard to find. The men that are willing to invest in things and are genuinely interested in their partner enough to help build that kind of a life are a rare gem and something all women yearn for. The sexist part of our society says that men like that are ‘ weak’, or ” whipped” .. I often wonder if they know how unique they are considering that they are truly against the grain of society when it comes to how men are perceived and expected to behave in a relationship..that it is a golden prize to be able to work with someone and maintain that kind of relationship.
    Men are supposed to be sexist and self centered according to society. They are told that the best woman is one who caters to you, don’t bat an eye at a strip club and is comfortable talking about only you for years. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but it seems most men behave just that way and wonder why their relationships fail, or just believe that the spark leaves a relationship sometime early in the game so it isnt seen as a failure when relationship after relationship goes belly up, its seen as an expected turn of events.

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