“We told our kids what touch was appropriate so they could tell us if something happened.”

This is a comment by Laramie White on the post “Hug Your Daughters“.

Laramie White said:

“My daughter is 23 years old and just graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison this past May. I still hug her, just as I did when she was little. Yes, sometime we feel awkward at time s but we come from a hugging family (my wife’s side of the family). Just this morning I walked pass her and grabbed her by the arm and she stated you are touching me … I told her I will always touch you and show you I love ya.

“My dad never showed his children affection by hugging us when we were growing up. Not until he became older in his late sixties did he tell us he loved us or would hug us. We all noticed the change in him at this time. My father in law would always give me hug whenever he would see us, even though the kids would complain about his hugs in a kidding way.

“I don’t feel anything sexual whenever I hug my female relatives or daughter. Yes, men will always have sexual thoughts during each day but feeling this way towards my own child would be just nasty to me. When she was little we discussed with our children what touch was appropriate and which was wrong. To tell us if she/he someone touched him/her the wrong way, so we could take action against that person.

“We need to continue to tell our children we love them, just as we did when they were little. To let them know we still can discuss anything they may be going through in life with us. This leads to them having a healthy and loving relationships with others. Trust them to make the right decisions in life.” 

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