“What is it about black men that they are inherently scary”

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  1. Sorry don’t feel this way. They aren’t scary to me . Some are smart, some are sexy, some are hip and some are assholes. Plain and simple for me

  2. Every single one of us would prefer to be judged on the basis of who and what we truly are on the inside. Part of growing up is to realize that that is unlikely to happen very often and we need to find ways to cope with it.

  3. Why is Batman portrayed in a black outfit?

  4. qabradford says:

    From experience of being an over -achieving black male. When you do well, everyone wants to ride your success and when you fail, others withdraw, ask few questions, make less invites, make less time, offer little emotional support and let you fester.

    The good treatment you received, you didn’t deserve in the first place cause you’re “just a black guy”; it all comes easy for you because “you’re a strong black male” and your emotional crescendo doesn’t deserve understanding because “black men are angry”.

    The worst thing is it usually comes from people we immediately know or absolute strangers. They fit us into some sort of one-dimensional skewed image from their own aversions of interaction and emotional dshonesties and use every mistake we make as reason to justify our mistreatment… while we’re blackmailed by society to respect them back despite the emotional abuse despite being younger, or having less access to resources or having less interaction.

    And its quite often not the halves like Obama. Its those of us raised politically black when we’re let down hard by the world that says our historical scholars and leaders were historically insignificant and novel. And that our families social misfortunes were because hey were “stupid” and not because they too did the best the could after being dealt the same “angry black” card that guys like myself were told weren’t allowed to touch.

    While you all get to express anything you want without penalty and we’re subject to social rejection.

  5. PursuitAce says:

    Of all the big scary groups of guys I only fear the Asian group. Because when I think scary Asian I think Bruce Lee. He would pretty much wipe the floor with anyone in the other groups. All right you got me. I’m a racist.

  6. Big, black and no vest? thats sounds like sexy to me..in fact thats why I go to the gym to go see this kinda scary.Its is high time we stood behind our brothers, our men, our fathers. The fact that the world portrays them as scary and problematic and in a cirsis is enough to break any man down to dispondency. Instead of looking at how scary he is, lets look at the six pack that comes with being big…I want to feel that! Lets look at how strong he is…he can carry me anywhere. On a serious note. let us look at the good fathers these men can be and how we can enhance and build on that rather than looking at the worst. I love me some big, dark, chocolate looking man…nothing scary there!

  7. Kirsten (in MT) says:

    What is it about black men that they are inherently scary?

    in·her·ent [in-heer-uhnt, -her-] adjective
    1. existing in someone or something as a permanent and inseparable element, quality, or attribute: an inherent distrust of strangers.

    That you personally perceive someone to be scary, or a class of people to be scary, does not make them inherently scary. So in answer to your question, nothing about black men makes them inherently scary. The problem isn’t black men. The problem is with some other people’s perceptions of black men, in this case, yours.

  8. “When I think about what a “big scary asian guy” looks like, my mind draws a blank.”

    Wow, this says a lot. Asian men are easy victims, unable to take control or be tough, and wimps. Sometimes the ‘opposite’ stereotype can suck just as much.

  9. sweetsue says:

    They are inherently scary because society cannot or will not let go of their own perceptions and biases and those of persons around them and in the media that perpetuate this conditioning. Mindlessly not assessing an individual based on actual first hand experience requires work and critical thinking. This is classic lazy none thinking behavior. People, especially males who are tall, heavy and muscular with broad frame or body types are the “scary” stereotype. There are males of every ethnicity that fit that broad type with some or all of the combined traits that while based on appearance may seem scary; but in actuality are quite nice. Never judge a book by its cover – make an effort to explore the content get past the lazy, sloppy unthinking stereotypes.

  10. I am a white male and I have both been helped immensely by black men who were strangers to me, who helped me out of kindness (on two occasions) and also been on the receiving end of mild verbal altercations (not of my choosing) by black men (mild because I chose not to escalate it).

    I believe there also needs to be some letting on the part of angry black men who embrace this stereotype and like to make whites feel uncomfortable.

    I would also like to see black leaders start talking about black on black violence. I remember CNN covering a big hoopla about a church’s commercial in atlanta which targeted black on black violence.

    It was around the time of the olympics in Atlanta. The voice-over said: If medals were given out for killing of blacks (or maybe it said black men, I don’t remember) this man would get the bronze (and a fade from black showed a skin-head). This man would get the silver (and it faded in to show a neo-nazi). This man would get the gold (and it showed a very typical gold-chain wearing black gangster).

    Apparently, the commercial so enraged blacks that it was pulled due to protests. Black men have 8 times the likelihood of being murdered over white men (and 14 times over white women). 90% of the time his murderer is another black man.

    If we want to have an honest discussion it’s going to include a lot of harsh truths that (from what I have seen) black communities and black leaders aren’t ready to address.

    • 2nd paragraph should have said:
      I believe there also needs to be some letting GO on the part of angry black men who embrace this stereotype and like to make whites feel uncomfortable.

  11. Steve Locke says:

    “It is easy, but wrong, to write off Zimmerman as a deranged man whose violence against Trayvon Martin was tragic but unpreventable. Zimmerman was acting in ways entirely consistent with the long history and contemporary reality that assumes the criminality and potential danger of black bodies.”


    • Steve,

      I wish black leaders were as diligent calling for change when blacks kill blacks.

      * Blacks were 6 times more likely than whites to be murdered in 1999
      * Blacks were 7 times more likely than whites to commit homicide in 1999

      From 1976 to 1999 –
      86% of white victims were killed by whites
      94% of black victims were killed by blacks

      Black males are dozens of times the larger threat to black males than are white males (and 100′s of times more dangerous to black males than cops of any color).

      This genocide of black on black violence is horrible and it needs to end. It’s time to put away the idea of the white boogeyman and have a serious discussion of who the largest threat is to black men.

      • Steve Locke says:

        And when black people commit violence against other black people or white people and they are known to the police they are arrested and face criminal charges. Black on black violence isn’t the issue here. No one is saying it isn’t a problem. But honestly, did you ever care about black on black crime until a white hispanic almost got away with murdering a black teenager? Or is bringing up the criminality of other blacks a way to talk about something other that what is at issue?

  12. mike synstelien says:

    I think we all need to be real on this topic. Black american’s are as a majority acting the stereotype of being loud. I mean speaking loud and drawing attention to themselves. Not only white people don’t like attention seekers. It might not be on purpose but if you are loud your gonna get on peoples nerves whether your white, black, red , or green. If you act like a victim your gonna have to work twice as hard to break that cycle.


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