“When we refuse to see the human in the monster, we all suffer.”

This is a comment by KKZ on the post “Men and Goodness“.

KKZ said:

“It’s important to note that even men who have committed terrible acts are still human. This is something i struggled with internally while reading that series. I felt anger and hate towards some of the people described, but I also felt pity and compassion. Some people are monstrous or have committed monstrous acts, but they are not monsters, they are still human. Compassion is not the same as forgiveness, or apology, or justification. And I think when we refuse to offer compassion and refuse to see the human in the monster, we all suffer for it.”

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  1. Thank you for this post. If we can acknowledge the monster within ourselves, we can feel compassion for the monsters among us. I pray for the SH killers mother, who apparently was willing to devote her life to his care. I pray she was not awake when he shot her.

  2. Oh wow, didn’t expect to get COTD on this! Thanks, Editors.

  3. First of all these people are not monsters, they are human beings who for some reason have decided they aren’t going to follow the rules laid out by society and they end up doing horrible things, but you know what , that is what is NORMAL today, doing things against what society wishes.

    • I totally agree with your comments….

      I have tried to understand the actions of some psychopaths in my life…and it was a complete waste of my valuable time….you get caught up in their defective reasoning and forget your own moral compass….

      So true what you say….some people just want to get away with stuff the rest of us law-abiding people avoid….

      • I interpret it somewhat differently – attempting to understand unfathomably horrible actions and the people behind them, brings my own moral compass into stark contrast and solidifies my sense of right and wrong. (Not trying to argue with you, Leia – your interpretation is valid, too.)

        Aspire, I’m not sure from the tone of your comment – are you disputing the comment quoted above, or agreeing? It would seem the message is the same – these are humans making human choices that other humans find immoral.

        I’ll have to stop here because I’m finding it tough to talk about this in the wake of the CT shootings. My sense of compassion still can’t cut through the grief, disbelief, icy chill.

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