“Why can’t we feel safe enough in our intimate relationships to reveal all of ourselves?”

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  1. Maybe it has to do with the temporary and transitory nature of many of relationships?

    The duration of many “long-term” relationships isn’t very long anymore. As a person might perceive this as not lasting a lifetime, they do not reveal all. I can understand this aspect of their thinking.

    Finally, how do you embrace that which you do not know? It’s impossible.

    Only if your partner is willing to share his or her past, can you know. Once it is disclosed, you are then free to make an informed decision regarding your partner and the relationship. I really do not see why this is such s big deal. Would you not want to know if your partner were a felon? It is relevant. Same with other things including sexual past/history.

    It is not the lying that creates the problem. It is the failure to disclose (usually by omission) that is so problematic.

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